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Welcome to another week of Tips and Tools by the Primary Peeps.  This week's featured blogger is a good friend of mine, Marissa from The Inspired Owl's Corner.  Let me tell you what I LOVE about Marissa... She makes the cutest things.  This week her post really resonated with me.  If you have been following me, you know that I had a super tough year last year.  Well this coming year I'm moving back to my dream position in 2nd grade and working with a partner who I respect so much that she taught two of my kids.
Rag Wreath

I am bound and determined to make this the greatest school year ever! Then along comes Marissa who shares the cutest "Greatest School Year Ever!" printables with us for free. So here's what I did with them:  I stuck her cover page in my rag wreath .
Greatest School Year Ever! Free Bookmarks
Then my cutie pie helped me cut out bookmarks for my new students.  How adorable are these? (I know she's holding the scissors wrong.  Oh well.)  Let's think about this for a minute... How powerful will it be if we tell the students when they walk in that this is going to be the greatest school year ever?
Greatest School Year Ever! Free Bookmarks

Tips and Tools for The Greatest School Year Ever
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  1. I wish you the very best this next school year! I had a difficult year, too! I am starting fresh in a new school & new grade (first).

    Seconds at the Beach

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth! I know that it will be the greatest school year ever for both of us:)