Monday Made It - Bucket Seats

Bucket Seats With Mrs. Labrasciano

Materials for Bucket Seats
Add in staple gun and sponge brush.

 I love making bucket seats to go under my guided reading table.  They are simple to make, have great storage and if you do it right, you can use recycled products.  It takes about an hour to make a seat.

The first thing that you will need to do is take scrap paper and mod podge it to the bucket.  I like to use a nice layer of mod podge to make the bucket durable for the classroom.  After you glue it to the bucket, use a scraper and roller to get out all of the air.  Once you are done putting the paper on the bucket you should give the bucket 3 coats of mod podge.  Make sure that you let it dry in between layers.

After you have covered the bucket, you will need to make the seat.  You will need to cut cardboard and foam to fit the circle on top of the seat.  Lay the circles on the fabric.  Staple the fabric as shown above.
 After you have the seat covered, use spray adhesive to coat the top of the bucket.  You can then push the cushion down.  I used scrap fabric to embellish the handles.  Just tie the scraps on.
Bucket Seats With Mrs. Labrasciano


  1. These have got to be the cutest bucket seats I've ever seen!!!

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  2. Those bucket seats are adorable!!! :) Love the added ribbon on the sides.

    Creativity to the Core

  3. Just love these! Love how colorful they are!

  4. I'm always eyeing the buckets at firehouse and wondered of you got the lids, too!!! Now I know!!! Your turned out great!!

    3rd Grade Pad

  5. Oh those bucket seats are amazing!!! So fun!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  6. The classrooms at my school all have emergency buckets for snacks in case of an extended lock down. This would be a great way to get some use out of those buckets. Super cute idea.
    Crockett's Classroom...Forever in Third Grade

  7. Hey, there, Amy!
    Love love LOVE this idea! Adorable AND functional!