Letter Clip Word Building

Need an easy to make word work station that won't break the bank? Here's an idea for you.

You'll need:
Wooden Letters
Clothes Pins
3 Rulers
Storage Tub

I bought the letters and clothes pins from Walmart for $3.  I already had the rulers, clipboard and storage tub.  If you don't want to use wooden letters you could save a $1 by printing and laminating letters, but they won't last as long.

Step #1 Paint the letters ( I chose to keep my vowels a different color )
Step #2 Hot glue the letters to the clips.
Step #3 Clip the alphabet to the rulers.  For younger grades you may want to write the letter on the ruler so that students know where to put them back.

Quick, simple and cheap!  Check the picture out at the bottom to see how I store them.

Click below for another DIY word work station.

Click here to learn all about creating a simple word work activity for your  reading centers in the classroom.  This fun idea works for any primary classroom.  Your first, second, or third grade students will love the center and activity shared here.

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