Spring Is In The Air!!!

Who doesn't like to teach new lessons in the spring? It keeps everyone so happy.  Enter below for your chance to win some spring materials for your class.  Make sure to check out these blogs for some fresh new ideas for your class.

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Behavior Plans Galore!!!

Have you ever had one of those school years? One where you are counting down the days until you can start over again.  This is the year for me.  Now don't get me wrong I love my students.  I'm not wishing away my life or anything.  However, student behavior is wearing me out.  I have learned through blogging that we aren't in it alone.  I recently called out an S.O.S. on Instagram.  I told my friends that I need some new behavior plans.  The best part was that they didn't judge, they came to the rescue.

I went to the Dollar Store and purchased solar powered dancing bugs and needed a plan.

                              More Time 2 Teach

My fellow Florida blogger Melissa from More Time 2 Teach had an excellent plan  Read it below.

I loved this idea and used it last week.  It was a hit with the kids.  Sometimes, with REALLY challenging behavior, I find that I just have to keep mixing up the behavior plans to make it work. So I'm using every one's suggestions.

Julie from A First For Everything directed me to her blog where she posted her behavior plan.  It's a great idea and one that we should all check out.

Emily from Fourth Grade Rock Stars said
Amy from Fun In Room 3 suggested

I especially liked Amy's idea, because her name is Amy, no really because it builds intrinsic behavior.  My favorite!!!!

Below are some more ideas from my Instagram friends:

The Inspired Owl's Corner came up with the cutest class reward system using cupcakes.  Check out her blog to see what it is all about.