13 in 13 Linky Party

My PJ's? Life seems so busy that I haven't had a lot of time to consider clothes lately.  The horror.  I love shopping so much too! I guess it's my PJ's because that means I'm comfy and resting.

I LOVED Catching Fire!!! I'm a huge Hunger Games Fan!!! My oldest daughter read the series in class last year so I was able to enjoy it with her.

Once Upon A Time
Once again it's my fav because I can watch it with my girls.  I love anything that we can do together.

We are an "on the go" kind of family.  The hubby and I have to strategically plan how to get our girls to where they need to be every night of the week.  Seems crazy, right? Well here's the thought process.  They have to love their activities or we don't do them.  They never complain and they try really hard to remember their equipment every morning.  They are too busy to get into trouble and they have to use their extra time for homework.  So how does this tie into a restaurant? Well I love Chipotle.  They are fast and healthy.  Great ingredients and I don't feel like I fed my girls fast food.  Perfect for an on the go family!

Hands down TPT.  It was definitely challenging to learn the new programs and the Mac that I use for it.  There were definitely some hiccups along the way.  However, I have learned so much from sharing my materials on TPT.  So glad that I did it.

My iPad mini.  It fits in my purse and allows me to work when I'm watching the kids do their thing!

My name is Amy and I'm a pinaholic! 6,345 to be exact!!! I have them all neatly organized for that one day when I can use them.  I'm definitely a planner.  My favorite pin this year was The Polar Express unit that my class did.  I think that it is pretty spectacular when I can share ideas from my blog.

Wait, I didn't read this before I wrote #7. So I guess see above.

My children.  Hands down.  They will always be my best accomplishment.  I love my career teaching and all of the extras that go along with it, but without my children it wouldn't be worth it.  I feel firmly that women should keep their identities outside of family and I do.  I have an amazing group of girlfriends.  Memories to last a lifetime.  Fun trips with my friends that we call "Mommy's time out". Yet, supporting my girls through their accomplishments is my best accomplishment.

This summer we went on a trip with two other families to the beach.  We spent 7 days with them and loved every minute.  We learned to cast net for our bait.  We fished, fished and then fished some more.  We got to kayak which is my favorite.  We spent time on the beach.  Watched sunsets together.  It's definitely a salt life for us Floridians.  The moms found our favorite wine.  We all loved it so much that we just took a "mommy's time out" to the winery.

I have 2 very important goals for 2014.  The words "Do not be afraid" keep running through my head!!!  I anticipate that 2014 might be the best year yet.  However, I don't want to share them yet!!! You will have to come back to my blog to see.


Christmas Linky

Thought that I would link up with Michelle at Fabulous In First to do a super cute Christmas Questionnaire.  So here goes...

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog?
I love both!!!! My favorite is making a big crock pot full of hot chocolate for Polar Express Day.  I hope that we make memories for the kids to last a lifetime.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
I have seen him do both.  It seems as though he wants an immediate "awww" and then some delayed surprise.

Colored Lights or White?
I can certainly appreciate both.  I love a colorful Christmas though!

When do you decorate?
Well... we have an understanding in my family.  There will be one holiday a year that we go ALL out for.  We will decorate our hearts out and then take it easy for the remainder of the year.  This year it happened to be Halloween.  It will be Christmas next year I promise.  We put up a tree and some decorations this year the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Real or Fake?
Fake, fake, fake! It fits our budget and it is somewhat environmentally responsible.  

Favorite Christmas Holiday or Tradition?
I have a couple.  First and foremost, it is a tradition that we participate in our church's Christmas pageant.  It keeps the focus on the reason for the season.  We also pick one service project a year that my girls and I can do together.  It's never anything huge or time consuming.  Just something that helps us to give back to the community.  Last year, we collected towels to take to the animal shelter.  That's how we came back with our boy Hurley.  Not doing that service project again any time soon!!! This year the girls are helping sell soda and snacks every week to teachers to earn money for our Relay For Life team.

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child? 
Nope.  We didn't get a lot of Christmas presents.  We did get the whole family together and have my grandmother's amazing cooking though!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?
Giving for sure!!!

Favorite Christmas Movie?
It might be a tie between The Grinch and Polar Express.  Both are staples in my class and home.

Do you shop on line or in the store?
I love shopping in stores during most of the year.  For the holidays though, I only shop on line.  I'm not a fan of crowds.  I was able to get all of my shopping done this year from the comfort of my bed.  Even happier that I got some amazing deals too.  

Photo card, letter or store bought card?
This year I had Sarah from EduClips turn my family into avatars and made a cool card.  You can check it out here on the blog.  Our Family Christmas Card

Thoughtful Gift Giving That Doesn't Break The Bank

Inexpensive Gifts

Have you heard of avatars yet? They are digital clipart that can be created to look like you!!! The best part is that the kids think that they are awesome.  So what can you do with these avatars? I bought them for my family for Christmas presents.  The top left image is a screen saver  that I made with the avatar.  The kids can upload the avatar and use it as a screen saver on their digital devices.  Yes, my kids all under the age of 12 can do that on their own.  The next pictures are of clipboards that I made with scrapbook paper and mod podge.  The last picture is our family Christmas card.  I also made binders and pictures for their rooms.  You can print any of these avatars to create the clipboards with no additional software.  The screen saver and Christmas card can be created with powerpoint or acrobat.

My friend Sarah from Educlips is a wonderful artist who creates clipart.  She also creates custom avatars. Each custom avatar is under $20.  What a steal!  I was able to create 4 gifts for each of my girls for under $25.  Each gift is unique, custom and from my heart.  The best part is that purchasing the avatars puts money back into small business.  Sarah is a teacher and mom of three girls just like me.  She does a great job and is very pleasant to work with.  On top of all of that, she is super talented.  To visit Sarah's blog, click the button below.


Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win your own avatar and clipboard!

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