Penguins, Polar Bears, and Reindeer

The students always love a great non fiction unit of study.  Much like our bats, owls and spiders unit I like to give the students choices.  The students get to choose which animal to apply their learning of the standard with:  penguins, polar bears or reindeers.  During shared reading, I make sure to focus on the standard that they are learning and use texts from all of the topics to show them how to use the standard.  I have these cute fact sheets pictured below that they can write 3 facts on.  Once they have their facts in place we extend the learning over to their writing.  They can then write an informational piece.  They love it and it feels like a two for one special for me!
Penguins, Polar Bears and Reindeer

It's beginning to feel a lot like the holidays!

The Polar Express

One of my favorite units every year is "The Polar Express".  The students are so engaged that they just eat up everything that I teach them that week.  It doesn't hurt that we wear our pajamas and get to try all the delicious hot cocoa that we can handle.  We start the week by reading the text focusing on retelling and central message. After we read the text, we compare the movie to the book.  For writing the students work on what their first gift of Christmas would be.  It's a lot of fun!!!

Interns and Student Teachers

Interns can certainly make for an amazing few months or... not so much.  Jessica, my current intern taught me that they feel the same way about us.  That was very humbling.  I'm not sure who learns more when they are in the classroom, the students, the intern or the mentor.  My favorite part of having them in the classroom is that they remind you why you went into teaching in the first place.  They remind you of the energy and love that you had for the profession when you first began.  Next week my class and I have to say goodbye to Jessica.  This is going to be especially difficult for us because she has been amazing, unlike any other.  I'm honored that I was able to take part in a collaboration with her before she goes off into the wide world of education to make her own mark.

Leaf Man- Narrative Writing

Leaf Man Writing with Leaves

The students had a great time this week starting narrative writing.  We began the week by reading "We Are Going On A Leaf Hunt".  After engaging the kids with the text, we spent our recess time hunting for leaves.  To be a kid again!  I supplemented the leaves that we found with leaves that our favorite grandma had sent from up north.  We live in Florida and don't see a lot of color variation.  For our read aloud I chose, "Leaf Man".  The first day the kids were super excited and spent careful time planning for their character.  They created the character that they were going to write about out of leaves.  The second day they added a setting.  After careful planning, the students started writing.  We won't finish until the end of next week.  The kids are so very creative with them!
Narrative Writing

A Month of Thankfulness

 I will be giving away lots of prizes in November to show just how thankful I am for all of you! Follow me on TPT, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and of course this blog.  You never know where the next giveaway will pop up.

Congratulations to Melia Nilson!
Congratulations Christine Saulter!!!