Parent Communication with Mrs. Labrasciano

Parent Treat by A First For Everything

Parent communication and encouragement is a must! This week during conferences, I used some freebies from my good friend Julie from A First For Everything.  The parents really took notice of our small gesture.  They also loved the extra parent literature that we left next to the mints.

Parent Teacher Conference by A First For Everything

This week our progress reports coincided with Parent/Teacher Conferences.  This was a specific request from the teachers.  We wanted to be able to speak with the parents about the progress their kids were making early on in the year so that we could set the pace for the rest of the year.  Just like everyone else, I found myself to be overwhelmed.
Progress Alert Folders by More Time To Teach

Our district requires that we send progress alerts out for the students who are performing below expectations.  However, I send a report home with every student.  Keeping communication up with parents, shows the parents that you care about their child.  It helps to ease any fears that they may have from the unknown.  It may help to show them that there is a potential problem.  Every student has something that they can work on to be a better student.  This is important to communicate with parents.
Parent Progress Alerts by More Time 2 Teach

My good friend Melissa from More Time 2 Teach has a great freebie that allowed me to put together a Progress Alert Folder to send home with each child.  It tells the parents exactly where their child is and where they need to be at the end of every quarter.  I staple any testing data that is acquired into the folder throughout the year.  At the end of the year this folder goes onto the next teacher.  They can then see exactly how the student progressed through the year and how the parents commented.   Another benefit of having these folders is that you have all of the student's data at hand.  You can use these at conferences, meetings about the child and report card time.

Progress Alert by More Time 2 Teach

Progress Alert by More Time 2 Teach


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