Let's talk Teaching and Mothering

Baby Cradle

Nailpolish Holder

Learning how to work

This week is all about my family.  It's hard being a teacher mom.  Spending all day working with children and then coming home to your own.  Having the patience and energy to meet everyone's needs from sun up to sun down.  Thank God I have a wonderful husband who is an amazing father as well.  He is very hands-on.  This allows us to tackle life and still have a bit of sanity when we come out of it.  A few times a year, we like to carve time out of our schedule to do something special with each of our girls individually. Hubby decided to teach them to make what they need out of wood.  They were so happy!  Each of them chose something true to them.  The oldest is making a nail polish holder.  The middle made a gymnastic's beam.  That leaves the youngest who made a doll cradle. I love that she is hanging on to her younger years longer than her sisters.)  Now I get to step in and help them paint and finish them.  After many years of trying to find out the deep dark secret of mothering and teaching, I think that I finally have it.  Very simply put, you just have to put your kids first.  Spend quality time with them each day.  I will update the pictures when they finish. 
We made it through the week without any injuries so I consider that a week with no lows!


  1. Those are great projects. My husband and son made a birdhouse several weeks ago. My son added on a "porch" for the birds to sit on when they were done resting in the house. It is very difficult being a teacher mom.

    1. I agree Robin! I think that the kids will remember these projects their whole lives. I hope that they remember the time that we spent with them when they are parents.
      Take care, Amy