Character Traits with Mrs. Labrasciano

The kids LOVED our character traits kick-off lesson this week!  They each did an amazing job.  To start the week off I explained to the kids that character traits were words that could describe us on the inside or outside.  After brainstorming positive traits I had the kids make their own character traits on personal busts.  This lesson led into more character trait lessons with picture books.  Students were able to describe a character's actions in the beginning of a book through the end of the book.  After they describe how the character changed or completed a character analysis.

Character Traits With Mrs. Labrasciano

After introducing personal character traits, we moved into Wemberly Worried.  I have a student who is just like Wemberly! This was a great opportunity to help them through their anxiety and work on our comprehension at the same time.  The kids love to put together projects so I made them a folder activity that helped us to see how Wemberly changes in the book.
Wemberly Worried

Wemberly Worried

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