These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things For Back To School

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Linky
Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things! You sang that didn't you! Welcome to our back to school linky! We are so glad that you stopped by to see what our must-have items are for back to school.  When you are done browsing through all of our blogs, we hope that you enter to win one of our Amazon gift vouchers so that you can buy some new back to school items too!  We have $370 to give away.  Don't forget that the more you enter, the higher your chances of winning are!
Classroom Rug with Sit Spots
When I saw this rug at Ikea I just couldn't pass it up.  It's huge and it has the perfect place for my Sit Spots.  The photograph makes it look black and white.  However, it's actually gray and black.  Just to be on the safe side, I sprayed it with Scotch Guard.
Sit Spots
Have you seen these Sit Spots? They are fabulous! They are these durable velcro spots that stick to most carpets.  You can write numbers on them, sight words, fluency facts.  Whatever suits your fancy.  They can be washed, vacuumed and abused by small children.  I use mine to assign spots on the carpet.  They also pull double duty.  I have made some review games to go with the Sit Spots. The kids can throw bean bags at a number.  Then they read the question that matches the number.  It's a fun way to review content.  The Sit Spots come in tons of colors and shapes.  Just for you I have a Back To School Game!
Ikea Rug For Classroom
Ikea had a bunch of rugs for $15.  I wanted to share this with you just in case you were looking for one.
Teacher Shoes
Alright guys, let's talk shoes.  We stand on our feet all day.  Do you have a Fit Bit? Well I do and it told me that I walk an average of 12,000 steps at school!!! That's a lot.  So I need sensible shoes.  My Sperry Top Siders are my favorite. They have comfy insides and a little sparkle on the outside.
Teacher Bags
My name is Amy and I am a bag-aholic! I love bags.  My must have teacher bag is my Large Vera Laptop Tote. It has a padded inside for my laptop and plenty of room to store all of the other stuff that I haul back and forth.
Teacher Bags
We wouldn't want to leave out 31 Bags.  This is the back of my car with 2 Large Utility Totes.  I leave them in the car so that I can haul groceries and bags in and out of the house.  We would pretty much do anything to get all of those groceries in the house in one load wouldn't we? They also really come in handy at the beginning of the school year because I can use them to haul projects back and forth to school.
Book Bags
 These huge ziploc bags came from Ikea.  They were under $3.  I put duct tape at the bottom of them for durability and use them for book bags.  This way the kids can keep their library books and guided reading books in them all year.
Durable Labels
Now I could lie and say that these dishwasher safe labels are only for my kids so that they don't lose their lunch tupperware, etc., but I won't.  I'm just as guilty for leaving something behind.  These labels help your items find their way back to you.

Rocking In Second Grade Shirt

Teacher T-Shirts

Reading Rocks T-Shirt

My all time favorite teacher must-have items are teacher t-shirts.  I LOVE my Friday shirts.  I secretly yearn to have a new one for every Friday.  You'll have to excuse my windy picture up there, but this is one of my new shirts.  I found this company Teacher Tees in Las Vegas at our teacher conference.  They had a ton of varieties.  When we asked them for a special one they made it in 15 minutes. Amazing.
Back To School Read Alouds

Last, but not least, my back to school read alouds.  I have been on the hunt this summer to find back to school read alouds that the kids haven't already read.  My favorite of the bunch are "Dog Days Of School" and "Rosie Revere Engineer".  "Dog Days Of School" has a back to school theme.  The moral of the story is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  I also like how they have the little boy put himself in someone else's shoes.  "Rosie Revere Engineer" is about not giving up.  This will go perfect with some beginning of the year character trait lessons.

Here's your chance to earn some extra back-to-school loot.  The more that you enter, the higher your chances of winning are!

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I would like to take a moment to welcome one of my Insta-buddies Amy to my blog! Amy can be found on IG @funinroom3

Thank you Amy for allowing me to be a guest blogger! Let me introduce myself…I’m Amy also. I’m a first grade teacher in CA.  This year will be my 10th year.

There’s something so refreshing about starting a new school year! I love Back to School time. This year I will be on maternity leave for the first few months of the year, but I can’t help myself from preparing for another school year. I love having summer vacation to relax, prep and plan. I also love to stock up on my favorite back to school items!

Here are just a few items that are my favorites for beginning a new school year:

1.School Supplies—I love them! As a child, I always loved getting the supply list from my teachers and filling my backpack. As a teacher, it is just as fun to fill a cart full of fresh supplies to start a new year!

2.  Pens and my favorite pen holder—I inherited this pen holder last year from a teacher at my school. Of course, I have to always keep it stocked with my favorite pens.  Along with buying supplies for students, I love to buy new, fresh pens for myself. I also buy a new pack of patterned pencils to use.  My favorites include Papermate Flair, Scentos markers, and Pilot Frixion Pens.

3. Laminator—What teacher doesn’t spend a lot of time during the summer laminating for back to school? I love my mini Purple Cow laminator!  It is so convenient to have a mini laminator at home.

4. Erin Condren Planner—This year will be the 3rd year that I’ve used an Erin Condren planner. I found this planner when I was on maternity leave with my son. I was feeling sad to leave him and go back to school that summer. Once my first planner arrived, it was so bright and colorful that I couldn’t wait to use it. It was a little something that made me look forward to going back to work and leaving my son. This planner makes lesson planning much more fun!

5. Back to School clothes and shoe shopping—Isn’t it great that teachers still get to shop for back to school clothes? I always buy a few new outfits for the first few days of school as well as some new shoes.

6. Coffee—I love coffee so much! I would drink it all day if I could. It is definitely much needed after a summer of staying up late and sleeping in.

I hope everyone enjoys their last few days of summer and has a great start to a new school year!

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  1. I love that Ikea rug! I'm so glad you shared it! I've been searching and searching for cute rugs at a decent price and then you posted one! Thank you! And thanks for hosting! This was a fun linky!
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    1. You are so welcome Alisha! I hope to link up with you again soon:)

  2. I have that polka dot Ikea rug. Now I gotta go back and get those ziplock bags!

  3. Amy, you are amazing!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas AND hard work! You and I have some similar taste, that's for sure!

    1. Well I love your taste so I take it as a compliment that you think we are similar. Thanks for linking up:)

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fabulous giveaway and link-up that you put together for all of us. I really want one of those t-shirts!!!
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