Student Phobias

Have a student with a phobia? Try a magic spray.  This post will tell you how to work with students to overcome a fear. Perfect for the elementary classroom.

Every couple of years it seems like we get a student with a phobia.  Teachers go above and beyond and try everything to help these students out.  I've found that taking the phobia seriously and being creative can make life much better for the student and my teaching can continue as normal.  One simple suggestion for some phobias of younger students can be magic spray.  Here I made a magic bug spray for a student who had an intense fear of going outside because of bugs.  They were able to carry the spray with them and we were able to go about our day.  I promise that working with the student instead of against them is a win win for everyone.  Now of course this won't work for everything, but it's worth a shot for some things.

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