Crayons In The Classroom

Crayons are such a HUGE part of the classroom.  Every teacher knows the trials and tribulations of having, needing and using them.  Below you will find some tips that may be new to you, an incredible giveaway and a freebie just for being you!

Tip #1 Engagement
Up the engagement in your next lesson by stocking a center with fun twistable crayons.  
These crayons have lasted my class three years so they were worth the expense! You know how excited you get when you have cool supplies to use so just think of how excited your students will be.

Tip #2 Rewards
Offer special crayons like these Silly Scents as a special reward for well behaved students or as a prize in your class store.  They last forever! I like to stock up after back to school time when everything is marked down.

Tip #3 Calm Down
If students need a repetitive task to calm down, have them sort your crayons.  It's an added bonus that you have color sorted crayons afterwards! You can even throw them in cute drawers or containers.

Tip #4  Build Independence
Set your classroom up so that students can get what they need and put away extra items that they find in the classroom.  We have a crayon bucket that we place all lost crayons in. When students need a certain color they can just go get what they need.  If they can get their own supplies, then you have more energy to do other things.

Here's a freebie for you!  Just click below on the Sweden photo.  Before you finish up, one last tip.

Tip #5 Fine Motor Skills
You can use this freebie to help build student's fine motor skills.  I love to put these sheets out for bell work.  They can have fun coloring, build fine motor skills and your administration won't freak out when they see the kids coloring.  We use this Sweden unit when we're learning about cultures from around the world.

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  1. Great tips! Love the smelly crayons!! Good motivators! xo