Social Studies: Teaching Immigration

I have to admit that I was a little taken a back when I saw that immigration was in our second grade social studies standards.  We are offered little to no materials for social studies so I  didn't know where to start.  After careful research I saw that the natural place to start was teaching about different cultures.  You can find information on that unit here.  After the culture unit we learned the key points below:

1.  Definition of immigration.
2.  The history of Ellis Island.
3.  The why's and how's of immigration.
4.  The influences of immigration on American culture.

Below you will find books on the topic of immigration.

The documentary below is a little boring, but it does a good job of showing why people left their countries and what they found in Ellis Island.  Just click on the picture for the link to youtube.

I developed materials and more reading material to accompany the standards for my students.  You can see those by clicking on the link below.

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