Citizenship is such a fun topic to teach students.  Watching the light bulb go off when they learn that they are here to serve the world is inspiring.  So where should we start when teaching citizenship?

Some key points to teach while addressing citizenship include:
What makes us a citizen?
Rules and Laws
Rights and Responsibilities
Contributions to Community

Lessons are so much better when you add in a hook that engages children.  We always like to start this unit off with an explanation of why we need to be a good citizen.  This includes contributions to our community.  Consider using Kid President to explain the hows and whys of contributing to our community.  I've included a video link for you below.

These books are a good place to start if you need material to read to your students for citizenship.

Every teaching unit needs engaging activities that present students with a hands-on learning experience.  A great example of an engaging educator is Debbie Clement.   I've compiled a pinterest board with a creative project from her and some other suggestions for you.

Time is always an issue in the classroom for me.  Due to this, I created materials that I could use quickly and efficiently. If you are in need of any more materials check out my unit.

Take care!

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