Popcorn Day

Popcorn Day was a huge hit!!! It is so hard to keep the little ones learning on the next to last day of school. We read "The Popcorn Book" by Tommie DePaola. The kids loved that book. We listed the key details on an anchor chart. 

There were some really cute popcorn songs on youtube. It's always nice when we learn to spell while we are singing. 

The kids watched me pop the kernels in an "old fashioned" air popper. They would call out vocabulary terms like old maid for the duds and dynamite for the big pops. They learn the vocabulary in DePaola's book.

After we popped the popcorn, we taste tested the popcorn and caramel corn. They were both a hit!

The kids had a ball, (heee-hee), playing popcorn outside against another class. The first one to drop the ball lost the round.  If you need more ideas or printable for the end of the year, check out my End of the Year Thematic Days.

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