Fairy Tales and Folktales with Mrs. Labrasciano

Fairy Tales With Mrs. Labrasciano
Hi everyone! It's Amy writing here from Learning Lessons With Mrs. Labrasciano.  Today I want to talk to you all about the fairy tale and folktale unit that I teach my students.  Everyone loves a good fairy tale unit and I have some ideas to make it easy on you and engaging for the students.

Retelling Crowns With Mrs. Labrasciano

Retelling folktales and fairy tales is part of most 2nd and 3rd grade standards.  We like to make it fun by putting together retelling crowns.  Students can retell the story around a sentence strip.  In the picture above you'll see a crown added.  I like to have the students state the moral from the story on the back of the crown.  It's fun way to master a standard without the monotony of the everyday paper and pencil test.

Rapunzel With Mrs. Labrasciano
For the story Rapunzel, the students made a fun tower with her braid coming down.  The braid was made from yellow ribbon.  The students wrote Rapunzel's point of view on the back of her tower.  

The Three Little Pigs With Mrs. Labrasciano
Look at this cute pig! The students made him out circles and triangles.  This story is perfect for describing how characters respond to major events.  The class was split up into fourths and each group wrote how their character responded to the events in the story.  We hung their stories up with the pigs for a cute display.

The Ugly Duckling With Mrs. Labrasciano
The Ugly Duckling has a great lesson.  For this story the kids responded to the text by describing the lesson and how they could use it in their lives.  To add a little fun they can make their own ugly duckling cover. 

Snow White With Mrs. Labrasciano
One of my personal all time favorites is Snow White.  We also made retelling crowns for Snow White with red apples.  We loved the apple theme so much that we wrote the plot of the story on a scroll and turned it into an apple! This was a real hit with the kids.

Jack and the Beanstalk With Mrs. Labrasciano
Who doesn't love a beanstalk? For Jack and the Beanstalk, you can make a beanstalk by braiding three pieces of green tissue paper together.  Have the students write the character traits of Jack and the Giant on leaves and glue them to the stock.  

Fairy Tales With Mrs. Labrasciano
If you don't have time to make all of the templates and lesson plans you can purchase everything you see here in my store.  The unit has over 200 pages and addresses over 13 fairy tales and folktales.  All of these lesson plans and materials are copyrighted to Amy Labrasciano 2014.  

Reusable Anchor Chart for Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales With Mrs. Labrasciano

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