Phonics in 2nd Grade

I'm teaming up with Julie from A First For Everything for the highs and lows of my week.

We finally got into our groove during reading this week!  The kids were doing a great job responding to their reading in their reading notebooks.  I was able to get a schedule out for them.  On Mondays or the first day of a new standard, we glue a mini anchor into their notebook and tab it.  This way they can find the anchor if needed.
Responding to our reading in 2nd grade

While I absolutely love moving into 2nd grade, it has created a lot more work for me.  I had my phonics schedule and materials well organized and working like a machine in first.  It was definitely a high this week that I was able to create a phonics schedule and update my phonics games for our word work.
Word Work Schedule

L Blends Phonics Game

Phonics Games for an entire year

Alright, so I really dislike messing up.  Picture my sad face.  My family participates in a very tricky carpool schedule.  Lots of kids going to lots of places in a very tight schedule.  Over a year ago all of the moms agreed that someone would mess the carpool up (it was inevitable)  and we wouldn't be mad when it happened. So I took a child to the wrong place. Sigh. It was me!! I did it.  It won't happen again.  (Of course it was a place that they go to 4 days a week so they were perfectly safe.)

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