Glow Day Reading Reward

We are big fans of flashlight Friday!  Typically speaking if my students stay engaged in their reading work and work silently during silent reading time, we get to switch things up by reading with flashlight on Fridays.  We get the flashlights from our science kits.  Students who don't meet the criteria go to a neighboring classroom to read while we use the flashlights.  I love Flashlight Friday because it's engaging, it's free and students get excited about reading! What's not to love?

Even better than Flashlight Reading is Glow Day Reading! A few times a year we set reading goals.  If students make those goals we have an extra special Friday with glow sticks.  For Glow Day I bring in a couple of my camping lanterns too.  We also use our flashlights.  Students can use the sticks as fluency trackers, light sources or just for fun while they read!  This takes place during our normal reading block so no extra time is used.  Students work so hard to earn this day.  It's engaging and the best part is students are so excited to read! I buy the glow sticks at the dollar store.  It usually costs me just over $3.  If you haven't figured out by now, my plan is usually to engage students, help them learn to their full potential and save as much money as possible.  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

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