Clean and Protect Your Classroom Carpet

Almost every classroom teacher knows the woes of keeping their rugs looking decent.  The rug in the picture above is 4 years old.  One of the ways that I keep my rug stain free is to clean it yearly with my household steam cleaner and spray Scotchgard on it afterward.  I recommend spraying the stain protector just before you leave for the weekend because it is very pungent.

Follow these simple steps:
1.  Vacuum your carpet.
2.  Spray your spots or stains with stain remover and follow directions for recommended soaking time.
3.  Clean the rug with a carpet cleaner.  If you don't have one many grocery stores rent them out.
4.  Once the carpet is completely dry follow the directions for spraying Scotchgard on it.
5.  Let the rug air out over the weekend.

Here's some random information answering questions from social media.  If you are dying to know where the rug is from - it's from Ikea.  The bright circles are sit spots which velcro to this rug with no problem.  "Does it repel lice?"  According to the manufacturer it does not repel lice.  I've seen quite a bit of natural products that help deter lice.  I would keep my students from laying on the carpet to help with the little critters.  Feel free to leave any questions that you may have below.

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