Fidget Ball DIY

Do you have students who need a way to get out their fidgets, anxiety or extra energy while they're learning? A fidget ball may be just what they need.  Read below to see how you can make them yourself.

Supplies:  balloons, sand, funnel, pen, scissors

1.  Blow up balloons to stretch them out.
2.  Place the stem of the balloon over the stem of the funnel.
3.  Fill the balloon with a hand-full of sand.  Use the pen to push the sand down if needed.
4. Tie the balloon and place another balloon over it with the stem facing the opposite way.  
5. Cut the stem off.
6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5.
7.  Keep extra balloons on hand in case they become pierced.

Make sure to follow all of the directions on the packages with safe balloon use.  Below you will find some rules that will help keep you sane.

1.  Students should leave the ball on a surface at all times.
2.  Students should not pinch or poke the ball.
3.  Students can roll the ball on their desk with their palm as long as they pay attention to their task.
4.  Students can press the ball.
5.  If students mistreat the ball it should be taken from them.

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