Easy American Symbols Craft

A great way to get your students to buy into their learning is to let them choose their topic to learn about.  As a closing to our symbols unit the students were able to pick one symbol that they wanted to research and become masters of it.  They were able to create this quick craft to put their work on.  Total time for rubbing is a maximum of fifteen minutes.

First cut out stars for each student to have.  You can use die cuts, volunteers or the students.  If you are putting something on top of the finished paper you do not have to have stars for the middle.  Make sure to make smaller starts for the outside so that they show past the student's work.  Consider giving students a piece of paper the same size as the one they will be rubbing so they know where to lay the stars.  For students who have fine motor skill difficulties you can put double sided tape down on the paper, under the stars.

Next give the students a plain piece of paper.  Go over different designs that they might try before hand.

If students have never done a rubbing teach them how to fill in the entire paper.

The patriotic rubbing is great enough to leave on it's own, but here you can see a symbol and writing that we glued to the paper.  I plan on having students make Veteran's Day posters for our Veteran's Day signs with this rubbing too.

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