Pumpkin Jack

In October a fabulous teacher friend, Ms. Lankford told me about a book titled, "Pumpkin Jack".  She told me that I had to have it.  Of course I wanted to see what all of the fuss was over and ordered the book.  In the book, a little boy carves a pumpkin that he took from his garden.  He loved this pumpkin. When it started to decompose, he took it back out to the garden.  The book shows the pumpkin go through the decomposition process and then through it's lifecycle.

Around the same time, we had our Story Book Pumpkin Reports for homework.  One of the students brought in a Jack-o-latern.  We thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to see if "Pumpkin Jack" was a fiction or informational text.  So we put him in our school garden.  Of course I will introduce the genre of realistic fiction to the students later in the year.  For now it's fun watching them think, think, think.

So why am I writing about pumpkins in January? Take a look at whats happening to Jack...
Story Book Pumpkins

Pumpkin Jack

Science With Pumpkins

We are extra thankful for our AGP teacher Ms. Gwin for helping us to care for Jack.  Her class is conducting a long term investigation with him.  What fun!!!

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