Leaf Man- Narrative Writing

Leaf Man Writing with Leaves

The students had a great time this week starting narrative writing.  We began the week by reading "We Are Going On A Leaf Hunt".  After engaging the kids with the text, we spent our recess time hunting for leaves.  To be a kid again!  I supplemented the leaves that we found with leaves that our favorite grandma had sent from up north.  We live in Florida and don't see a lot of color variation.  For our read aloud I chose, "Leaf Man".  The first day the kids were super excited and spent careful time planning for their character.  They created the character that they were going to write about out of leaves.  The second day they added a setting.  After careful planning, the students started writing.  We won't finish until the end of next week.  The kids are so very creative with them!
Narrative Writing


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  2. Thanks Laura and good luck! I'm so glad to hear that you like the page. I love Sarah from Educlips. I'm very thankful that she featured my blog. I have some up and coming giveaways that you will definitely want to see!!